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Monitor, Measure, Evaluate, Evolve

PR needs to re-establish itself. All too often it's undervalued as a tool in a company's arsenal. But you know it's essential, because it builds your brand, generates trust, and ultimately drives revenue.

So how can you prove it?

Serena Ehrlich, Director of Social and Evolving Media for Business Wire, is going to share with us exactly how to MONITOR, MEASURE, EVALUATE, and EVOLVE, so you can fearlessly execute your communications strategy.

Simple ways to get your story noticed

Why data is your friend

How to choose the metrics that matter most

“It’s the PR coverage that you’re generating that’s actually moving people in and through your marketing and sales funnels."

Guest presenter
Serena Ehrlich

Find out how to monitor coverage, measure impact, and evaluate findings, so you can evolve as a communicator and re-establish the influence of PR.


- Serena Ehrlich