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Good Coverage Equals Goodwill: 6 Ways to Get It

Bad press can sink you - it's best to have some goodwill saved up.

They say that it takes 10 positive stories to undo the damage of a single negative one.

It's like this: when you earn good coverage, you're putting pennies in the piggy bank.

Good coverage is your rainy-day fund. It's your fairy godmother and the magic shield that protects your brand if things go wrong. 

How to recognize and jump on goodwill opportunities

How to get journalists on your side

How to keep that rainy-day coverage fund topped up

Jeremy P.

Agility PR Solutions

An industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience in PR and crisis communications, Josh Weiss launched 10 to 1 Public Relations in 2012 with an emphasis on building up a bank of goodwill to create positive opportunities for today while protecting against disaster tomorrow.

Guest presenter
Josh Weiss

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Josh Weiss, president and founder of 10 to 1 Public Relations, wants to give away some secrets to earning that goodwill-building coverage, secrets like:

"Fantastic presentation from Josh Weiss. I took notes non-stop!"