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The science is in and the word is out: micro-influencers are better brand boosters than their millionaire-follower peers. Small but mighty, these "social-lites" can propel your brand to engagement heaven. 

This infogif shows you how they do it, and how you can get them on your side.

In this 25-minute micro-webinar, influencer marketer extraordinaire Shane Barker will teach us all about the rise of the powerful micro-influencer.

You'll hear how fast and far they've come, see them and their campaigns in action, understand how they operate, and learn exactly how to approach micro-influencers and get them working for you.

Journalists are tricky: on one hand, they're people just like you; on the other, they're tricky.

Our partners at Business Wire talked to over 600 journalists in more than 40 countries, and compiled tips on the best way for you to reach out and get their attention.

Once you know what makes them tick (and when they tick best), getting coverage will be a piece of cake.


Now that you have the know-how to reach out to the right influencers, check out our database to help you connect and really amplify your message.

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DIY media monitoring report cover

Let's get started, shall we?


4 tips to build a targeted media outreach list from scratch

For PR pros, your media list is a hallowed thing. But things are changing: Rolodexes have given way to digital databases, and one-list-fits-all has given way to campaign-specific catalogs.

When it comes time to build a new list for a new campaign, this article will be your second-best friend (after an expansive, reliable, and easy-to-use database).


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The Ultimate Guide to Micro-Influencers