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Using Reddit to Spike Your Media Coverage

Getting coverage is hard.

Coming up with ideas that are sticky and angles that are new — let's face it — is really hard.

Reddit is a proven source of content ideas. Not only that, but more and more big-name news outlets are getting their stories from what's trending on Reddit. The fact of the modern media is that, if it works on Reddit, it'll work in the mainstream.

Daniel Russell, director of Go Fish Digital, wants to show you how Reddit can be the difference when it comes to sourcing sticky ideas, pitching influencers, and getting coverage. He wants to show you how you can use Reddit to spike your media coverage.

Get a nice Reddit overview

Learn why it's the perfect place to test and spread your message

Hear stories of brands who used Reddit to earn coverage in major national outlets

Get actionable tips on how you can do the same 

"Reddit's dynamic environment means it's one of the best places to find ideas for your content and PR campaigns."

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Daniel Russell is the Director at award-winning agency Go Fish Digital. A digital trailblazer, Daniel’s innovative strategies have improved organic growth, Yelp scores and search engine rankings from the Fortune 500 to small business.

Guest presenter
Daniel Russell

- Daniel Russell

Using Reddit to Spike Your Media Coverage

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